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The Process

From practice, repetition and observation, painting and art are skills available to all. When somebody asks to be taught how to paint, I believe this is not something that can be taught like maths or science. Of course there are basic shapes that can be learnt, but what is trully important in art is the feelings the artist while creating the work. Most of the time, I tell people to go out, get a canvas try something but most of all, to have fun whilst making it, no matter the result. This is how I started my works. To this day, when I paint I feel pleasure during the creation process. The most complec creation may surprisigly be the abstract compositions as there is a form of calculation of colour combinations and thought that goes into how they can fill the canvas space in a harmonious way. The more practice the easier the process.

The Categories

The different present categories seen below have within different collections of artworks created over different periods of time. The style is therefore variant within each category.

In the Abstracts collection, you will find paintings made over the period of 5 years. Although starting mostly in blue hues, I have most recently been experimenting with earthly colours.

In the Nature category, you will find a progression of style of tree paintings, commissions of orchid paintings, and different methods of painting.

The seascapes started as very movemented depictions of sail boats in the wind within an abstract surrounding. Most recently the boats appear more realistic with a calmer sea and the addition of the sailers inside. The smaller newest sails are in a different blue where the background almost merges with the boats whilst staying a calming scenery.

In the Urbanscapes, you may expect to find depictions of towns or even cities, however, I aimed to represent one or two recognisable traits from a location. For instance the Ponte Romana of Tavira is set withing a scenery that is not necessarily Tavira. The attmospher of the painting is what I wanted to change. 

The Dancers was a specific period of my art where I was experimenting with an almost decollage style background where the movement of the dancers merges to its surroundings. Combined to the dreamscapes, this whole category can be considered experiementations in art.

The winter collection which by its name should give a clue to the period of time in which I create these. As the little fairy lights of Christmas come out and the skies of the Algarve are clear and calm at night with stars in the sky, I am inspired. I add a little twinkle to the paintings with glitter. The colours I choose are soft yellow ocres and greys. The depictions are subject to interpretation however can be viewed as cold locations of snow or late nights in the desert.