Bordered by the ocean and submerged in rejuvenating sunshine, The Algarve offers inspiration to paint the views it has to offer.

These works aim to give a sense of a serenity as you observe abstract seascapes and boat depictions in the comfort of your own home.



As a young girl, Gabriella used to Sail every summer on the coast of the Bassin d’Arcachon in Taussat-les-bains. The memories of this have inspired a collection of sail boats showing large sails blown up by a soft wind. Some have a stronger wind than others, but each boat of the Voiliers collection has a small team of silhouetted sailors.


From bays to beach edges and peninsula openings, this collection has a diverse representation of beautiful locations seen on Earth.

Petits Voiliers

Alongside the larger scaled sail boats, were made some smaller more abstract sails. This collection is composed of small scaled semi-abstract sailors. They are inspired by the ‘Optimist’ boats that are the smallest boat for younger children.

Stormy Sails

Rough seas, strong winds and splashing waves. This popular collection shows sailing boats that are moving rapidly on extreme strong wind waters. The movement effect is made by a strong linear mix of white and blue contrasts.

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