This collection consists of a mix of abstract art and representational landscape sceneries. When looking at one of these paintings, the aim is not necessarily to know exactly what you are looking at, that is up to you. The aim of the works are to make you imagine something in contrast with your own experiences of the world and generally from the soft colours to reflect upon peaceful and pleasant memories.


Un Vent

This acrylic original art paintings category is a representation or interpretation of the artist’s view on wind. Different seasons bring different feelings, different lights, and also different weather conditions. In the collection you will find these shown in different ways through colours and texture.

Tavira Abstrata

Putting features of the town of Tavira, rooftops, chapel bell and clock towers, anchors, and other elements into an abstract context. The marriage between abstract and figurative in this collection works in a way that you can visualise elements that are recognisable within a space that is unusual and artistic. This collection overlaps multiple categories of artwork and brings them all into one same context.

Abstract Landscapes

Representational not of accurate locations as would be a typical landscapes, these painting are an interpretation of different weather conditions such as the wind, storms, cold, etc. They make use of blue hues and strong white to create a sense of movement.

Calm Abstract Landscapes

Comparatively to the usual Abstract Landscapes collection this one makes use of very different colours. The palette chosen is neutral tones and all the paintings are horizontal to create a feeling of space for the landscape and distance. The locations represented are then left for interpretation but were initially inspired by the views of the Algarve.

From Here to There

Strong solid black lines are the focal points within the paintings of this collection. They are hinting towards a travel of some kind that gets you from one place to another. The voyage is left to be seen from the eye of the beholder.


Following on from the Winter Collection’s initial two Jerusalem paintings, this collection takes the abstract representation into a new light with auburn hues contrasting with whites and greys. The city representation is deconstructed into geometric forms and linear shapes of lines and boxes.

Senhora de Saúde

Inspired by the neighbouring sceneries of the artist’s studio, this abstract deconstruction of an accurate place makes for a brilliant abstract composition. There is an impression of a chapel within the scenery, but yet is left to interpretation.

Textures & Compositions

Textures and compositions in painting are one of the most important aspects. In this collection, one could say they are studies in a way of paint and painting on canvas. They are not the usual representative or interpretable painting, yet just celebrate the actual aspects of paint on a canvas.


In this collection the artist wanted to show different movements of water. The chosen blue hue differs from other collections as the light in which they were painted was a new one.


Going abroad and seeing new places is a thing of wonder and inspiration in an artist’s life. These hills within the collection are those of the French Savoie.

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