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Saw something you liked on the website?

Inspired to have a special painting in the style of Gabriella-ArtAlgarve?

Already sold?

Not a problem!

Please contact me with the form found bellow and I will discuss further details.

Please inform me on the following:

– The Size (in cm)

– The Colours

– Approximate Delivery Date / Address to be delivered to

– Any other information necessary

My promise to you:

I will keep you up to date about the progress and process of the new painting with photographic images

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Previous Commissions

Receiving a commission is always both equally a delight and a challenge as often it is not something I am used to making.

I do love a good challenge and sometimes to the extent where I even surprise myself.

The images you see here are all paintings I had not thought about prior to creation. The clients who commissioned them were very satisfied with the results, not only this but I aim to keep my prices fair for this type of request.

If you have an idea of an image in mind, a specific location or scenery you would like to order please let me know.

I cannot guarantee I will accept all requests as some styles may not be compatible with my work. If you have an image where I can make a similar (but not fully copied) representation, don’t hesitate to show and ask. 

Framing Services

From time to time I believe a painting looks even better with a frame. I use a very good art company in Tavira that can frame the paintings. For this service I do not charge anything extra above the payment of the painting just what the company quotes me. With this service we can either go joint to Artina to choose which is best for the painting and for your tastes, or I can be in contact with multiple suggestions I would send by picture with the quotes they have given me. If you would like to go yourself to the art shop, they will gladly help you choose what works best. 

Get In Touch

I would love to hear from you even if you just have a question. If you would like to meet in person to discuss art I am very happy to do so too. 

For specific commissions we will need to discuss all details. If you have any images to help in the creation process, please provide these. Don’t forget to mention the dimensions you are after. You may even see a painting on this website but the size isnt the right one. Let me know and anything you have seen I can re-make with slight changes in a different dimension.