Past Exhibitions

Clube de Tavira


The first solo Exhibition ever made by Gabriella. In an environment of Covid 19 Pandemic where the locals of Tavira were searching for good food, a little fun and socialising. The artworks decorated this very old building in the center of the city and sales were made. If you would like to know more about the location or exhibition don’t hesitate to contact me



A wondeful restaurant that is sadly now closed in Tavira showcased a sea-themed exhibition of Gabriella – ArtAlgarve.



During a year, Gabriella was working in Oliveira Decor in Tavira. During her time there, she had a couple of her little Olive Tree paitings. 



Artesis Galeria showcases new exhibitions every month. A solo exhibition of multiple artworks took place in June 2022. Gabriella showed on various other months of the gallery and sometimes can be found sitting in the gallery to be met in person.