In this collection, I have depicted buildings found in the Algarve surrounded by natural landscapes. These works aim to portray a sense of peace when viewing the harmony between the ‘man-made’ and the natural environment.



A little authentic Chapel next door to the Artist’s studio inspired an entire collection. Representative of time passing one from the other, the Chapel is shown under different lights with different flora surrounding it.


The roman bridge of Tavira is a beautiful and useful architectural feature of the historical town. multiple version and angles of the bridge have been depicted by Gabriella as a way of showing the bridge in different contexts.

Tavira Abstrata

Putting features of the town of Tavira, rooftops, chapel bell and clock towers, anchors, and other elements into an abstract context. The marriage between abstract and figurative in this collection works in a way that you can visualise elements that are recognisable within a space that is unusual and artistic. This collection overlaps multiple categories of artwork and brings them all into one same context.

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