Best Places For Sea Paintings At Home?

Are you considering buying sea paintings? Here are 5 tips on which rooms are best to hang sea paintings from an artist’s perspective

Where are the best places to hang sea paintings inside your home?

There are many walls within in a home and a variety of colours to match with. Selecting the perfect artwork to decorate your home can be a daunting task.

The sceneries of the Algarve often point outto the surrounding seascapes. It is only natural that one would want to depict these views into paintings.

To put an outside representation of the sea inside a home is a way of creating a natural environment in an un-natural way. The deep blue hues of an ocean can enhance anybody’s neutral
home colours to becoming something of a beautiful composition.

In this article we will look at the following points:

A Brief Definition of Sea Paintings

A sea painting (or seascape) is a painting depiction of the sea or its surroundings. It can represent oceans, seas, lakes, or other large bodies of water (rivers excluded).

They show only water with movement, or waves etc. or show surrounding land. It can include boats, ships and other water travelling methods, although it is not to be confused with maritime artwork which is more descriptive of the boats themselves.

And now for the 5 tips you’ve been waiting for.

5 Best Places To Display Your Sea Paintings

1. The Hallway

Most homes have hallways. These can be narrow or very large and welcoming. In any case, hanging a sea painting in these areas of a home can have an effect of widening a view, especially if this hallway doesn’t have any natural lighting.

Sea Paiting in the hallway

Stormy Sail #2 

Part of the Seascape collection by Gabriella King

2. The Bathroom

Why wouldn’t you think of water in a wet room?

Bathrooms are an excellent place to hang water depictions, the only possible issue with this is a build-up of moisture.

Make sure the artwork selected is resistant to this type of problem.

3. The Bedrooms

Any kind of painting can work appropriately inside a bedroom, but there is something quite genuine about designing a room, where colours can be mixed and matched harmoniously.

With a sea painting hanging in a bedroom, you can easily add a few blue cushions and bed sheets and make your interior feel cosy and clean.

4. The Living Room

The living room is generally the space most utilised in a home.

This place will allow for the painting to be viewed by many angles and for longer periods of time.

The painting selected must thus be one you are willing to see every day and enjoy being presented amongst your selected furniture.

5. The Kitchen

Although not the most obvious choice for placing artwork, the kitchen is often a forgotten space for decoration.

A lot of activity takes place in the kitchen, and if you love cooking, why wouldn’t you want to be in the presence of your favourite decorative pieces during this time?

There may be a few small consequences over time for your artwork to be in such an environment and the painting may lose some colour quality due to steam and smoke being created.


A sea painting is a joyful decorative addition inside a home. It adds serenity and calm to an interior.
You can see a selection of paintings for home interiors in the seascape theme by clicking the button below.

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